Hi Everyone,

We have moved to www.woodwardenglish.com

This is to let you know that we will no longer be writing articles on this grammar blog.
We have created a brand new website to help everyone learn English for free. www.woodwardenglish.com

From Monday 6th of June 2011 we will have a new article every day (from Monday to Friday).

We have also been creating a course to learn English for Free which includes Audio, Video, Downloadable exercises and content and much more (yes including a blog).

The English course will appear on our www.woodwardenglish.com website from the 3rd of October 2011.
Meanwhile, follow our new English blog on the same site, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and you will learn A LOT of English over the next months.

See you over there.

Have a GREAT day!

Rob W.

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To keep your eyes peeled

19 May 2011

To keep your eyes peeled = to keep alert = to pay close attention in anticipation of something. Keep your eyes peeled for Martin. He should be home any minute and I don’t want him to come home and find this mess we’ve caused! Keep your eyes peeled for him – he hasn’t paid his […]

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In the nick of time

12 May 2011

In the nick of time = Just in time = almost too late for something, with no time to spare. We arrived at the airport and boarded our plane in the knick of time. We were just in the nick of time to catch the last train Have you recently arrived somewhere in the nick […]

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Why is an island like the letter T?

4 May 2011

Vocabulary Middle = the center of something Like = similar to The Joke Q: Why is an Island like the letter T? A: Because it’s always in the middle of water. Why is it funny? Islands are surrounded or in the middle of water. Also the letter T is in the middle of the sequence […]

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Million vs Millions

26 April 2011

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The plural of Baby

20 April 2011

Vocabulary Twins = two babies born to the same mother at the same time. The joke Teacher: Steve, can you tell me what the plural of ‘baby’ is? Steve: Twins? Why is it funny? The teacher is asking a question about grammar. In this case the plural of baby is “babies” but the student has […]

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Bean Soup Joke in English

13 April 2011

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